Reviews about: Corepad Grips Razer Viper / Viper Ultimate

    Tuesday, 03. March 2020
    Since the coating on the viper ultimate doesn’t feel good enough for me I used corepads grips for the mouse buttons and it doesn’t feel as „slippery“ anymore. Using it on the palm messed with my grip though so I left that part out. I also removed the right side buttons of my viper ultimate and used the corepad grips to fill the hole. You can easily cut it out in the shape you need with the extra customizable piece they give you and it looks and feels like there has never been a hole now. The quality of the material feels very good and it looks great. I can only recommend the corepad grips if u have sweaty hands or feel like you could need some extra grip. Great product especially for the price.
    Corepad Grips Razer Viper / Viper Ultimate