Reviews about: Corepad Skatez SteelSeries Rival 700 / Rival 710

    Thursday, 13. August 2020
    These pads do what they say and reduce friction with smoother movement, however, there size wasn\'t perfect, the rear long pad was too long and just lifted over the indentation from the mouses\' body which mean it actually dug into the mouse pad, I used the second pad and trimmed the edges which did fix the issue... sort of, as I cut it the new shape was a steep angle and not a curved edge like the original design to reduce the rolling resistance which still meant there was still a fair amount of friction and catching on to the pad. Not as important but the long pad wasn\'t wide enough to fill the entire pad cutout in the mouse, not necessary but it would be nice if the pads were an exact fit with 0 tolerance. The 2 smaller pads are great!
    Corepad Skatez SteelSeries Rival 700 / Rival 710