Reviews about: Corepad Skatez Roccat Kone AIMO

    Monday, 15. July 2019
    Great set of skates, very smooth gliding, noticeably better than stock. The shapes are cut very precisely to fit the feet and installation was easy. I\'m using my Kone Aimo on the Roccat Alumic Double-Sided Gaming Mouse Pad, which is basically a premium hardpad. As long as I keep the pad clean of debris, the mouse glides very smoothly without any hitches. I\'ll definitely be ordering some more Corepad skates for backup. If you\'re playing any game where precision matters (competitive FPS for instance) AND you have a good mousepad, the upgrade from stock skates is definitely worth it. Corepad were the only company I found that carried skates for the Aimo, but I\'m relieved that the quality here is very good. I\'d also like to note that Maik from Corepad personally answered a question I had about these skates via e-mail. Great product great support.
    Corepad Skatez Roccat Kone AIMO